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Concerned about paying for a service/clinician you don't know if you'll even like? We've made that a little easier with a 20% off promo code for first time appointments. Use promo code FIRSTVISIT upon checkout.

Welcome to Athlete Health & Performance

Primary and Performance Medical Care

 Located in Boulder, CO 

What makes AHP Worth It

Are you tired of a medical system that doesn't listen, doesn't take time, doesn't communicate, doesn't follow through, just prescribes meds and doesn't actually help solve the problem? Me too. That's why I started AHP Primary Care, a full service medical office that does lab orders, prescription medications, imaging orders and other medical referrals while taking time, educating and helping patients be their healthiest.

I was a soccer player turned D1 Cross Country/Track athlete and now I am an Independent Practice Family Nurse Practitioner, specializing in primary care for the active lifestyle. With over 12 combined years in ER and Primary Care, I have seen many of the negative impacts of modern medicine: over medicating, not addressing root causes, dismissiveness and a one-solution-fixes-all approach. I wanted to do something different.

The biggest difference I take is time. I dive deep into health history, looking at every holistic aspect of a person; physical, mental, emotional and then some. I disregard no concern and will not stop until I can figure out a problem or find someone who can. I provide a personalized environment that puts the patient in control of their own health, empowering them to make their own health decisions. Let's dive in together.


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